• Hot
    د.إ 3,000

    Coffee Grinder S. JOLLY (ASTORIA)

    د.إ 3,000

    Grinder-doser with flat grinding blades
    – Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment
    – Electronic dose adjustment
    – Single and double dose with independent adjustment
    – Digital display with shot counter

  • Drive6000 (ASTORIA)

    1 steam wand, mixed hot water outlet, 1 steam boiler 1,8 l, 2 coffee grinders, graphic display 5,7” with 8 beverages selection buttons, cappuccinatore, choco unit.

  • Hybrid (ASTORIA)

    2 steam wands, 1 hot water outlet, steam boiler 4Lt, 1 coffee boiler 1.2 Lt,1 color TFT Touch screen display 5″,Astoria filter-holders, filter-holder heater, 2 coffee hoppers x 500.

  • Storm 4000 (SAEP) (ASTORIA)

    2 steam wands, 1 mixed hot water outlet; AWR, 5″ display for each group, coffee extraction system, led lighting of work space, electronic cup-warmer, steam wands “Barista Attitude”, steam system “Superdry”, Steam Boost (SB), wooden filter-holders, built-in motor-pump

  • د.إ 12,000

    Tanya R (ASTORIA)

    د.إ 12,000

    1 steam wand, 1 hot water faucet (1 Gr.); 2 steam wands, 1 hot water faucet (2-3 Gr.); AWR, built-in motor-pump

  • د.إ 14,000

    Pratic Avant (ASTORIA)

    د.إ 14,000

    2 steam wands, 1 hot water faucet (2-3 Gr.); AWR, built-in motor pump1 steam wand, Electrical cup-warmer, Led lighting of work space.

  • د.إ 25,000

    Sabrina (ASTORIA)

    د.إ 25,000

    2 steam wands, 1 aut. hot water outlet (2-3 Gr.); 2 steams wands, 2 aut. hot water outlets (4 Gr.); AWR, backlit keypad, color Touch screen display, white led lighting of the side panels, white led lighting of the group cover, electronic cup-warmer, Astoria filter-holders, built-in motor-pump.

  • د.إ 700


    د.إ 700