Emirati Coffee: Yemen – Cascara (Qishr) 125gm X 4 Packs


Producer: Mohammed Mosleh Ghalab
Varietal(s): Typica-Odaini
Village: Husn Mokhtar
Altitude: 2,000 metres above sea level
Region: Al Qafr
Cup profile: sweet fruity taste with notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry, red current and mango.

Grade: 90+

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    In the late 1930s, Emirati Coffee Co., founder?s grandfather loads his ships with spices, textiles and machinery, and bags of small green beans that would change the course of his life.

    Coffee was then transported and traded throughout the Arabian Gulf. It was served at the ports when you arrived, in people?s homes and in their yards, amongst friends and strangers. The scent is familiar and resilient; it endured down through three generations, greeting Emirati Coffee, a local speciality coffee scene and restore the glory of their forefathers.

    It?s the first of its kind, and ode to a small green bean.


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