Tropicana Slim Sweetener Stevia Diet Sticks

Tropicana Slim Sweetener Stevia Diet Sticks

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  • Sweetener Stevia Diet Sticks
  • Sugar free 
  • Perfect for any one following a diet or having diabetic concerns.
  • Free from saccharin, cyclamate, and preservatives.
  • Quantity:  3 Packs of 100 Sticks (1.5g Each), 5 Packs of 50 Sticks (1.5g Each)
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Tropicana Slim Sweetener Stevia Diet Sticks:

Tropicana Slim Sweetener Stevia Diet Sticks alternate for sugar in all kinds of drinks and food items. It contains the natural sweetener extracted from Stevia leaves without the calories controls blood sugar level and keeps calorie intake in check to maintain body weight and thus prevent diabetes and are suitable for diabetics or for a low-calorie diet. Not only does it smoothly dissolve in your favorite hot and cold drink, packed in convenient stick packets, it is practical, handy and easy to carry and use. One stick of Tropicana Slim Sweetener with Stevia is equivalent to 2 spoons of sugar.



Sweeteners (Sorbitol (E420) 6.7 g/kg, Stevia (E960) 133 mg/kg, Acesulfame-K (E950) 100 mg/kg Sucralose (E955) 33 mg/kg), Cyclodextrin.


Nutritional values per serving (1.5g):

Calories: 0 kcal, Fat: 0g, Sodium: 0g, Carbohydrates: 1g, of which Sugar: 0g, Sorbitol: 1g, and Protein: 0g.


Usage Instructions:

Add to beverages and food items as an alternative for sugar, stir.

Suitable for cooking and baking.


Care and Use:
  • Excessive consumption of 40 grams of Sorbitol per day may have a laxative effect.
  • Store in a cool and dry place. (Temperature should not exceed 25°C.)


Tropicana Slim offers sugar free/low-calorie sweeteners, Arabic sweets syrup and also a variety of drinks in delicious flavors. Indulge yourself with its range of products without worrying about any health or weight concerns.


Tropicana Slim

Tropicana Slim, a brand by Nutrifood, offers a range of products for consumers looking to foster a healthy and joyful lifestyle. It is an innovative company that manufactures and markets international-quality health foods and beverages. Based on scientific approach, it focuses on premium products and services of high quality which are very effective. All products are based on low or zero calories diet and completely free of saccharine, cyclamate, or preservatives. As a result, it relieves you of weight concerns or concerns about diabetic issues. The product range primarily includes sweeteners, sugar free Arabic sweets syrup and other flavoured syrups. It also offers sugar-free drinks available in several delicious flavors such as French Vanilla Cappuccino, Italian Caffe Latte and more. We at Bevarabia highly recommend Tropicana Slim; with its products enjoy a lifestyle that is healthier, more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm

Tropicana Slim

Product Type

Sweetener Sticks

Beverage Type

Sweetener Stevia Diet Sticks

Pack Size

3 Packs of 100 Sticks, 5 Packs of 50 Sticks




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