Saeco Aulika Evo Focus Coffee Machine

Saeco Aulika Evo Focus Coffee Machine

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  • Compact 1-Group Automatic Coffee Machine: perfect for offices and hotels.
  • User-friendly capacitive touch interface with graphic display and back-lit icons.
  • Double boiler and pump system to prepare drinks quickly.
  • Steel conical blades for grinding beans.
  • Option to brew 2 cups simultaneously.
  • Customisable brewing parameters: prebrewing, dosing, and temperature.
  • Features innovative Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore system.
  • Prepares cappuccinos and latte macchiato at the touch of a button.
  • Capacity: Water Tank – 2.5L, Beans Container – 500g, Coffee Grounds Waste Container – 18 portions.
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Saeco Aulika Evo Focus Coffee Machine:

The Saeco Aulika Evo Focus is a modern automatic coffee machine designed for professional use. It is equipped with a capacitive touch interface with back-lit icons to dispense espresso, long coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and even hot water, milk and steam. The large capacity of the water (2.5L) and coffee container (500g) ensures reliability even when the consumption is high; ideal for offices and small restaurants. Also, includes steel conical blades grinder with 7 manual adjustment settings and a double boiler and pump system to prepare beverages quickly.

Plus, it is possible to adjust the amount of coffee to be ground to set the aroma for each cup using the manual lever. You can also brew 2 cups simultaneously and adjust coffee parameters such as pre brewing, dosing and temperature. Further, it features the innovative Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore system to prepare creamy and tasty cappuccinos and latte macchiato in the best Italian tradition. It creates the perfect froth and delivers directly into the cup at a touch of a button.

The dispensing area enhanced by the blue and white LED lighting that accompanies drink preparation, gives a touch of elegance and sophistication. You can also adjust the height of the dispensing spout to fit different cup sizes. The brewing unit is removable and washable to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. In addition, it includes a cleaning function for Cappuccinatore which cleans the system after every milk delivery if activated. Further, the machine is supplied with water filter, lubrication grease, and cleaning tablets for the brewing unit. Plus, coffee ground waste container included can hold up to 18 portions of grounds.


How to use this Coffee Machine:
  • Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water and beans container with fresh coffee beans.
  • Adjust the height of the dispensing spout to fit the cup if required. You can also adjust the grind size and aroma manually using the grinder adjustment knob and aroma adjustment lever, respectively.
  • Press the “espresso” or “coffee” button to brew a single cup of coffee. If you want to brew 2 cups, press the button twice. (Refer the manual to know more about programming brewing parameters.)
  • Use the Cappuccinatore system to prepare a cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato, or to froth milk. (Refer the manual to know more.)
  • Brewing stops automatically after dispensing desired amount of coffee.


Care and Use:
  • Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water only. Hot or carbonated water, as well as other liquids, will damage the machine.
  • Adjust aroma adjustment lever only before brewing coffee.
  • Recommended to clean the machine and its parts every week.
  • Clean the cappuccinatore immediately after using to ensure hygienic and consistent results. (Refer the manual to know more.)
  • Clean the machine only when it is cold and unplugged. Use a soft, damp cloth and never immerse it in water or place any of its parts in a dishwasher.
  • The display indicates when the machine needs descaling. Follow the instructions in the manual appropriately.

Kindly read the instructions manual included before using the coffee machine for the first time. You can also watch the video below to know more.


Saeco offers a collection of fully automatic espresso machines, along with traditional manual espresso machines designed for purists. These machines satisfy the tastes of people with different lifestyles. Check out the complete range, here.



Founded in 1981 in Italy, Saeco develops coffee machines which satisfy the tastes of people with different lifestyles. It launched the first completely automatic bean-to-cup espresso machine for home use and remains an expert till this date. These machines allowed the possibility for anyone to brew an authentic Italian espresso in comfort of home easily. Throughout its history, the addition of important stakeholders such as Philips and, since 2017, N&W Global Vending, allowed the company to focus on achieving increasingly ambitious goals. Today the company offers a collection of fully automatic espresso machines along with traditional manual espresso machines designed for purists. Further, its line of machines for offices and small to medium locations combines elegance and excellence of taste. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as prominent and innovative as Saeco.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 334 × 452 × 334 cm


Product Type

Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine Type

Automatic Coffee Machine


Coffee Grounds Waste Container: 18 portions, Water Tank: 2.5L, Beans Container: 500g


Metal – Thermoplastic







Pump Pressure

15 bar




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