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The mountainous, East African terrain of Kenya is made up of volcanic, loamy soil with a distinct red appearance. The richness of the soil provides fertile ground for cultivation of excellent coffee. Kenyan coffee is grown on plateaus that soar up to 1400 – 2400 masl.

The Volcanic soil highland plateaus of Kenya grown at the elevation of 1400- 2000 masl , Kenya AA Coffee has a reputation as a top quality coffee producer that is unsurpassed. This meticulously prepared East African coffee is famous for its rich body, pleasant vibrant acidity, fragrant aroma and winy aftertaste with overtones of berries and citrus.

Cup Notes :- Raspberry, cranberry, flowery in aroma and cup. Sweetly and lightly tart in structure, satiny in mouth feel. Flavor consolidates around raspberry and grapefruit in sweet, Linger long on pallets.


Roast: – Medium

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    Kava Noir Kenya AA coffee is comprised of the largest, most well-shaped and densest coffee beans available from the plateaus on which the plants are cultivated. This ensures the presence of much prized aromatic oils that are essential to the production of the amazing aroma and distinctive flavour . The “AA” grade marks out the very largest beans that naturally contain the largest amount of aromatic oils that are so integral to the coffee-drinking experience.

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