Illy X1 Anniversary Coffee Machine – Black

Illy X1 Anniversary Coffee Machine – Black

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  • Single serve Capsule Coffee machine.
  • Uses illy iperEspresso and iper Coffee Capsules.
  • User-friendly 2 buttons operation:
    • Brewing button: Espresso or Brewed Coffee.
    • Dispensing button: Steam or Hot Water.
  • Steam/hot water wand for preparing cappuccino or latte with ease.
  • Features: Programmable cup volume settings, Auto shutoff, Power-saver mode.
  • Capacity: Water Tank – 1L.
  • Color: Black.
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illy X1 Anniversary Coffee Machine:

The illy X1 Anniversary Coffee Machine is a renewed version of the original X1 machine, designed by Luca Trazz, complete with new functionalities. It comes with the revolutionary IperEspresso capsule system that helps prepare café quality espresso or brewed coffee at the touch of a button. It also prepares barista quality cappuccino and latte with ease due to inclusion of steam/hot water wand to froth milk. The capsule system uses a patented, two-stage process to create intensely aromatic, full-bodied coffee with rich, long-lasting crema. Available in black color, this robust and reliable machine has a body made entirely of metal and showcases the retro illy logo from 1935.

It is designed to make exceptional single serve espresso effortlessly with specially designed illy IperEspresso and iper Coffee capsules. The usage of these capsules ensures that the machine never comes in contact with the coffee, and as a result it requires very minimal cleaning and maintenance. It stops automatically once the desired volume of coffee is dispensed. Also, switches to Power saver mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. It comes with a water tank of 1L capacity and features a cup holder with adjustable height to avoid splashing of beverages. Plus, the removable cup support tray can be used to store espresso cups as well as larger mugs and cappuccino cups.


How to use this Coffee Machine?
  • Power the machine on and make sure that the buttons are steadily lit. 
  • Rotate the capsule holder leftwards to release it and then remove it.
  • Insert the capsule (Only use illy IperEspresso capsules, available here).
  • Insert the capsule holder into the brew group and lock it into place by rotating it rightwards.
  • Place the espresso cup in position.
  • Press one of the two buttons to make an espresso coffee or brewed coffee. You can also set the desired quantity/volume of coffee in a cup (Refer to the user manual).
  • When the coffee has reached the programmed level in the cup, brewing will stop automatically.

For instructions on dispensing hot water or frothing milk, refer to the manual.


Care and Use:
  • Never use other types of capsules as they could damage the machine.
  • If the light is blinking yellow, it is necessary to descale the machine (Refer the manual).
  • Change the water in the tank daily. Always fill it with fresh, still drinking water.
  • Recommended to use warmed cups.
  • Do not use ethyl alcohol, solvents, abrasive sponges and/or aggressive chemicals to clean the machine.
  • Do not dry the machine and/or its components in a microwave or conventional oven.

Kindly refer the instruction manual before using the coffee machine for the first time.


Illy has built a world of intelligence, experience, taste, science and art around the pleasure of a perfect cup of coffee. The brand offers an amazing collection of coffee, coffee machines and accessories. Don’t forget to check it out here.



Founded in Italy in 1933, third-generation family-led illy caffe specializes in top quality coffee beans, machines and accessories. The company’s signature blend is a rich symphony of nine pure, sustainably grown Arabica beans from four continents; a blend which continues to delight millions of people at home, offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes. The company intends to create value for all its stakeholders, thus leading the company to come the first in the world to obtain “Responsible Supply Chain Process” certification. Moreover, its passion for excellence involves improves the lives of coffee producers in South and Central America, India and Africa. It has built a world of intelligence, experience, taste, science and art around the pleasure of a perfect cup of coffee. Today the product line also includes individual coffee capsules designed to work in patented iperEspresso system capsule machines. Plus, “ready to drink” coffee options, designer accessories and cups and much more. We at Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as recognized and admired globally as illy caffe.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 26 × 33 × 26 cm


Product Type

Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine Type

Capsule Coffee Machine


Water Tank: 1L


Body: Stainless steel, Heat Exchanger: Stainless Steel




220V – 240V



Pump Pressure

15 bar




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