Goldmaster Daisy Electric Kettle


Goldmaster Daisy Electric Kettle

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  • Electric kettle.
  • High-quality plastic cordless jug with 360 degree multi directional base.
  • 2200W stainless steel heating element.
  • Automatic shutoff and boil dry protection features.
  • Removable limescale filter.
  • Capacity: 1.7L.
  • Color: White.
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Goldmaster Daisy Electric Kettle:

The Daisy Electric Kettle from Goldmaster with a high-quality plastic body certified with RoHS certification, helps boil water for teas, coffees, and other kitchen needs. It comes with a 2200W stainless steel heating element which allows you to boil water quickly. It has a lid that minimises energy loss and also prevents boiling water splash back for safety from hot water bubbles or steam during pouring. The kettle has a water level indicator window, which also allows you to view bubbles while boiling. It has a capacity of 1.7L, enough for 7 cups, allowing you to boil water you need at once.

It shuts off automatically once the water is heated and also provides boil dry protection. The kettle itself is cordless with a 360 degree multi directional base powering it when in position, allowing for convenient pouring and usage. Also includes a washable lime filter ensures your water to be healthier and extends the life of your small household appliance.


How to use this Kettle?
  • Open the lid and fill the kettle with the desired amount of water.
  • Always fill the kettle between the minimum (500mL) and maximum (1700mL) marks on the water window.
  • Close the lid securely.
  • Position the kettle securely onto the power base.
  • Press the ‘On/Off’ switch from the handle to the ‘On’ position for water to boil.
  • It will automatically shutoff when water is boiled.


Care and Use:
  • Never use this product to boil any liquids or foodstuffs other than water.
  • Never immerse the kettle base, switch area, power base, power cord or power plug in water.
  • To remove the scale deposits from the filter, open the lid and slide the filter up and out of the kettle. Clean the filter by running under hot water and rubbing with a cleaning cloth or brush.
  • Descaling process should not be done using chemicals, it will change the structure of your water by leaving residues such as these. You can do your cleaning with more natural methods such as white vinegar, lemon salt and lemon.

Kindly read the instruction manual included before using the kettle for the first time.


Goldmaster’s range of Turkish Coffee makers and kettles offer several features, including quick brewing and easy cleaning. It is a favourite amongst coffee lovers and you can check out the range, here.



Goldmaster started in 1975 as Turkey's first electric household appliances brand. Now it has developed into a manufacturer with modern production facilities deploying high technology and offering a large variety of products with superior quality. As a result, it has become a leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, vacuum cleaners and home appliances. The range of Turkish coffee makers is a favorite amongst coffee lovers due to its offering of several amazing features. These well-designed products add elegance to the kitchen and also provide quick brewing and easy cleaning. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as reliable and trusted as Goldmaster.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 21 × 23 cm


Product Type


Accessories Type

Electric Kettle




Body: Plastic, Heating Element: Stainless Steel




220V – 240V






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