Gene Cafe CBR-1200 Coffee Roaster

Gene Cafe CBR-1200 Coffee Roaster

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  • Compact coffee roaster designed for cafes short of space.
  • Visual roast chamber and adjustable time and temperature allows maximum control over your roasts.
  • Unique 3D off-axis rotation ensures an even roast every time.
  • Impressively quiet operation.
  • Removable Roasting Chamber.
  • Color: Red.
  • Capacity: 1Kg.
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Gene Cafe CBR-1200 Coffee Roaster:

Gene Cafe CBR-1200 is a commercial coffee roaster designed for small businesses and larger scale home roasting. It is lightweight, easy to use, clean and as a result simplifies the coffee roasting process. It incorporates state-of-the-art design, the highest quality materials and expert workmanship. Capable of producing batches of 1kg of uniformly roasted coffee and due to its compact design, it is ideal for small coffee shops. Also, you can view the roasting process at all stages due to deployment of visual chamber, which is a big help if you are at the beginning of your coffee roasting journey.

Salient Features:

  • Indirect Heated-Air blow with 3 dimensional chamber makes uniform roasting possible.
  • Swiftly Continuous Roast and Auto Cooling System.
  • Removable Roasting Chamber for easy filling, emptying, and convenient cleaning.
  • Drum Preheating needs just around 2~3 minutes till 230°C.
  • User friendly dials to control temperature and time easily.


  • Stick.
  • “T” Wrench (Hex #3).
  • Cooling Flexible Duct (65∅).
  • Measuring Cup (100g).
  • Cyclone Duct (Include & Clamp).
  • Main Drain Duct (75∅): Max 2-3m.
  • Chaff Collector.
  • Main Body.
  • Chamber.
  • Hopper.
  • Cooling Tray.


How to Use Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster:
  • Switch on the main power on and turn on the blue dial. Also, switch on the Cooler, Heater#1 and 2.
  • Stand the hopper up and press Red Dial for preheating the chamber.
  • Add coffee beans in the hopper. (Max 1kg, but 900g recommended for a batch of roast.)
  • Set and Adjust Time and Temp by dials.
  • Press Red Dial again longer until “Insert” is displayed. Now pull the handle of the hopper to add beans into the chamber.
  • Again, press the red dial to hear “Beep” sound to start the roasting process.
  • You will hear another “Beep” sound 2 minutes before roasting ends.
  • For cooling, the roasted beans go down to the cooling tray automatically.
  • Chamber will rotate, and the shutter will close when roasting is finished.


Care and Use:
  • Never expose the roaster to direct sunlight or other heating sources.
  • Do not immerse the roaster in water or allow any water or cleaning liquids to enter.
  • Avoid operating near flammable substances such as oil, alcohol, benzene, gasoline or paint thinner.
  • Clean the chamber regularly as the residual debris from roasting will adversely affect the taste. Use a dishwashing brush, sponge and dishwashing liquid.

Kindly read the owner’s manual before using the coffee roaster for the first time to know how to use and maintain the roaster. Also, you can check the video below.


Gene Cafe Coffee Roasters simplify and automates the coffee roasting procedure so you can prepare fresh coffee at your own leisure at home or even a cafe. If you are short of space in your cafe or home and need something robust and user friendly, this roaster is perfect. If you are looking for something more handy for household use, check out this offering by Gene Cafe.


Gene Cafe

Gene Cafe, a brand dedicated to high quality, delivers exactly that with its roasters. It combines modern design, high-quality materials and excellent quality in manufacturing. As a result, it has established a great reputation and now sold in over 40 countries. The Coffee Roasters use Genesis technology which simplifies and automates the coffee roasting procedure so you can prepare fresh coffee at your own leisure. It mainly focuses on simple coffee roast, so you can do your roasts at home. Also perfect for anyone new to coffee roasting as it's easy to use and to maintain. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as dedicated as Gene Cafe towards quality, best of technology and design.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 55 cm

Gene Cafe

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Coffee Roaster




Heat resistant tempered glass tube (Pyrex©)








Republic of Korea


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