Fiuggi Vivace Sparkling Water Glass

Fiuggi Vivace Sparkling Water Glass

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  • Famous Healing Sparkling Water.
  • Slightly Carbonated.
  • Low mineral content.
  • Useful in the elimination of waste elements from the body.
  • Facilitates the elimination of uric acid, metabolic waste and metabolic nitrogen such as kidney stones.
  • Glass Bottle.
  • Available Quantity:
    • 12 Bottles of 1L.
    • 12 Bottles of 500mL.


Fiuggi Vivace Sparkling Water Glass:

Fiuggi Vivace Sparkling Water is a slightly carbonated water with a very low mineral and sodium content. It is highly diuretic, as it increases the discharge of urine thanks to rapid absorption and quick emission through the urinary tract. 

It’s a must have for those who want to take care of their health in a simple manner. The water from the Fiuggi source originates at a temperature of 54.32°F (12.4C). It is situated inside the massif of the Ernici Mountains; extensive studies have also shown that this territory has a consistent ecosystem. The rich vegetation, the sensitive weather, the seasonal distribution of rain and the ample sunshine every month of the year generates a distinctive harmony and conditions.


Natural Spring Water, carbon dioxide.

Nutritional Facts:

pH (at source): 6.8, Total Dissolved Solids: 122 mg/L, Calcium: 15.9 mg/L, Magnesium: 6.3 mg/L, Sodium: 6.4 mg/L, Potassium: 4.4 mg/L, Bicarbonates: 81.7 mg/L, Sulphates: 6 mg/L, Chlorides: 13.9 mg/L, Nitrates: 7 mg/L and Silica: 12.8 mg/L.

Care and Use:

Store the bottles in a clean, cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Available Quantity:
  • 12 Bottles of 1L.
  • 12 Bottles of 500mL.

Fiuggi is one of the most well-known brands in Italy and also in some parts of the world. Considered the World’s Most Famous Healing Water. It is also available as still water, which you can find here.



Fiuggi water's source runs through ancient volcanic deposits in the Ernici mountains which have an ecosystem unaltered by humans. It can cure urinary infections, gout, uratic arthropathies and also help to regulate the metabolism of uric acid. Known worldwide for purifying and beneficial properties, it belongs to the category of cold mineral water that gushes out at a temperature at the source of 12.4°C. Just the ideal solution for those who want excellence and quality in a glass of water.Fiuggi is one of the most well-known brands in Italy and also in some parts of the world. Consumed by the State president, and lots of other VIP all around the world because of its health benefits. Rumoured to be the Choice of The Vatican as well. Bevarabia proudly affiliates with a brand as committed as Fiuggi towards health and quality.

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions48 × 29.5 × 48 cm


Product Type


Beverage Type

Sparkling water


12 Bottles of 1L, 12 bottles of 500mL




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