DrinkMate Soda Maker (With Cylinder) Black

DrinkMate Soda Maker (With Cylinder) Black

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  • Soda maker to carbonate practically any beverage.
  • Detachable ‘Fizz Infuser’ allows you to control the release of CO2.
  • Easy to use and clean, plus it doesn’t require electricity or batteries.
  • Utilises a CO2 cylinder capable of producing up to 60L of carbonated drinks.
  • Includes the machine, a 1L BPA-free PET reusable carbonating bottle, Fizz Infuser and 60L CO2 cylinder.
  • Color: Black.
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DrinkMate Soda Maker – Black:

Available in black colour, the DrinkMate Soda Maker allows you to add tasty fizz to water, juices, iced tea or coffee, energy drinks, and more. Typical soda makers can only carbonate water, so it stands head and shoulders above the rest! Also take full control over how you make your sodas, thanks to its patented detachable ‘Fizz Infuser’ technology. It allows to control the speed at which it releases excess CO2 from the carbonation process. Also, it doesn’t require electricity to work as it comes with a manual push-button mechanism. So make your own soda from the comfort of home, as it’s easy to operate and clean and uses carbon dioxide from an installed cartridge to pump the carbonation into a reusable bottle. NOTE: 60L CO2 Cylinder included.


How to use DrinkMate Soda Maker:
  • Pour water or your desired juice (without pulp) into the bottle, close the lid and attach the bottle to the soda maker.
  • Attach the fizz infuser to the bottle and fit it into the countertop fizz adapter.
  • Press the carbonation button in short bursts until the desired level of carbonation is achieved or until the pressure release valve activates.
  • Remove the bottle, shake it to increase carbonation.
  • Press the pressure release button to get rid of any remaining excess CO2.
  • Unscrew the fizz infuser and enjoy your delicious carbonated drink. 


Care and Use:
  • Do not place water bottle, fizz infuser or carbonator in a freezer or microwave.
  • Wash the fizz infuser immediately after use.
  • Never place the bottle in the dishwasher. Hand wash it with soap and warm water.
  • Use the coldest water possible, ideally at 0.5°C – 5.5°C.
  • Only use pulpless beverages and pulp free juices. Pulped beverages my clog the pressure release valve.
  • Only use approved CO2 cylinder and DrinkMate bottles. Spares available on the website.

Kindly read the User Manual included in the box before using the soda maker for the first time.


DrinkMate products are a smart and healthy alternative to traditional carbonated soft drinks. Now unleash your creativity in crafting healthy, delicious drinks with exactly the amount of fizz you like. It turns out to be significantly cheaper than store-bought carbonated drinks, provides amazing portability, and help saves the world too. Win-win situation!



DrinkMate, a brand of i-Drink Products based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers high-quality, innovative home and portable carbonation systems. It is the world’s first home carbonation system that allows the user to carbonate not just water, but all kinds of cold beverages, like juice, tea, wine, cocktails, and more. Using these systems turns out to be significantly cheaper than store-bought carbonated drinks and provides amazing portability. And you save the world as well by cutting down on glass and plastic bottle usage. But most of all, you can be creative while making drinks with exactly the amount of fizz you like. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as dedicated as DrinkMate, a smart and healthy alternative to traditional carbonated soft drinks.

Additional information

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions45 × 30 × 15 cm


Accessories Type

Soda Maker


Bottle: 1L, CO2 cylinder: 60L


Body: Plastic, Bottle: BPA-free PET






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