De Vecchi Srl Water Softener LT8

De Vecchi Srl Water Softener LT8

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  • Manual water softener.
  • Economical method of softening the water for coffee machines.
  • Robust construction & easy to install.
  • Regenerate water by flushing through salt solution.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Capacity: 8L cylinder.
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De Vecchi Srl Water Softener:

The De Vecchi Srl Water Softener LT8 is a manual salt regenerated scale control system with a 8L cylinder capacity. Equipped with two ball taps made of brass, one placed in correspondence with the incoming water supply, the other in correspondence with the outgoing water. This softener is perfect if you encounter hard water supply in your area to prevent calcium and lime deposits from accumulating in your espresso machine. The cationic resins in the softener’s tank transform calcium carbonate into sodium carbonate, which is water soluble at the working temperatures of both coffee makers and ice makers machines.

Recharging is very simple with the requirement of only rock salt, available at any hardware, plumbing or even grocery and drug stores. Just add 1kg salt once a month. The resins gradually lose their cationic function, and consequently their efficiency, with each regeneration but its softening capacity ends after 5-7 years. As a result, it turns to be considerably cheaper than using replaceable water filters.

  • Complete water softener  – Resin content 5.6L.
  • Instruction manual.
  • 2 x Clear drain pipes.
Ideal for:
  • Coffee machines.
  • Vending machines.
  • Washing machines – where lime stains the glass.
  • Steam ovens – prevents valves from getting blocked.
Care and Use:
  • Store the water softener in a dry place with temperature between 0 – 35 °C.
  • Never touch or use the water softener with wet or damp hands or feet, or barefoot.
  • Feed water must be: Drinkable and clean with temperature between 6° and 25°C. Also, hardness must be below 900 ppm CaCO3 (90°F).
  • Never add any liquid other than drinking water and only use salt.

Kindly refer the user manual before using the water softener for the first time.

De Vecchi offers unique and quality softeners designed and built in-house ensuring ad hoc products that meet expectations.


De Vecchi Srl

De Vecchi Srl has been producing softeners since 1974 in Italy, offering unique and quality products. The softeners designed and built in-house starting from the raw material, thus ensuring an ad hoc product that meets expectations. Also certified, to guarantee quality that distinguishes them from the rest. The solutions and innovations range offered in a wide choice of softeners satisfies the most varied requests of customers. The energy needs come from a photovoltaic system, hence making it a company with zero impact on the environment. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as dedicated as De Vecchi towards quality and innovation.

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