Selamlique Turkish Traditional Coffee (2 Packs of 125g)

Selamlique Turkish Traditional Coffee (2 Packs of 125g)

د.إ 80.00

  • Turkish coffee grounds.
  • 100% Arabica beans from Rio Minas, Brazil.
  • Roast: Medium.
  • Cup Profile: Balanced acidity, light body, medium intensity of flavour and creamy finish.
  • Recommended Brewing Technique: Traditional Turkish pots.
  • Quantity: 2 Packs of 125g.


Selamlique Turkish Traditional Coffee:

The Selamlique Turkish Traditional Coffee is a one of a kind blend containing finely grind 100% Arabica beans from the region of Rio Minas in Brazil. Turkish Coffee is famous for its oldest brewing technique in the world, which was perfected in Istanbul’s old breweries. Its unique taste and aroma is renowned in many cultures for its heritage and identity. And in order to achieve this original authentic taste, known for 600 years, these beans are roasted and then finely ground using stone grinding mill in a factory in Izmir, Turkey.


Coffee Facts:
  • Coffee Type: 100% Arabica.
  • Origin: Rio Minas, Brazil.
  • Process: Sundried.
  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Cup Profile: Balanced acidity, light body, medium intensity of flavours, creamy finish.
  • Recommended brewing technique: Traditional Turkish Pot.


Care and Use:
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Dietary needs Vegetarian.
  • Allergy warning: Halal. 


How to brew this coffee using Traditional Turkish Ibrik (pot):
  • Place the sugar (if desired), water, and Turkish coffee in a metal Turkish coffee pot.
  • Using a small spoon, stir briefly until just combined and place the pot on the stovetop.
  • Slowly bring the coffee mixture to a boil over medium heat. This will take 3-4 minutes, so keep a close watch.
  • As the coffee warms, you will see a dark foam building up. Closer it comes to a boil, using a teaspoon, transfer some foam into the cups. Then return the coffeepot to the stovetop.
  • As coffee comes to a boil, pour half of the coffee into the cups, over the foam.
  • Return the coffeepot to the stovetop and then boil the remaining coffee for an additional 15-20 seconds.
  • Now pour the rest into the coffee cups to the rim.
  • Serve with water and Turkish delight.

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Selamlique offers an exquisite selection of gourmet and premium Turkish coffees in single origins or blended form, expertly roasted in Izmir, Turkey. Check out the amazing range, here.


Selamlique Turkish Coffee

Selamlique, a company based in Istanbul, offers a range of appetizing Turkish Coffee blends; perfect for those adventurous enough to try new and distinctive blends. Its products range from dark roast, traditional and decaf to flavoured coffees. Further, it operates with focus on design and quality, aiming to preserve the authentic ritual of Turkish coffee drinking. It stands for uncompromising quality and the authentic taste of real Turkish coffee. The company sources carefully selected Brazilian coffee beans, cinnamon and cardamom from Southeast Asia and mastic from the Aegean. The beans are then roasted, ground and packaged in the company's factory in Izmir using traditional method. The mill in the factory can cut a single Brazilian coffee bean into 35 thousand pieces. Moreover, several quality controls such as room humidity monitoring, foreign body and odor avoidance and analysis ensure superior product. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as dedicated as Selamlique.

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Coffee Ground

Coffee Type

100% Arabica, Turkish Coffee


2 packs of 125g




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