Kava Noir Coffee India Plantation AA 500g

Kava Noir Coffee India Plantation AA 500g

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  • Specialty whole coffee beans/grounds.
  • 100% Arabica beans sourced from Chikmagalur, India.
  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Cup Profile: Creamy body, bright acidity, floral and sweet caramel aroma with honey and roasted almond finish.
  • Recommended brewing technique: French Press, Aeropress, V60 Pour Over, Mokapot and Chemex.
  • Quantity: 500g.
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Kava Noir Coffee India Plantation AA:

Kava Noir Coffee India Plantation AA contains fully washed Arabica beans handpicked from the lush green estates in Chikmagalur region in India. These beans contain high amounts of aromatic oils that are integral to the coffee-drinking experience. Moreover, the coffee beans are roasted in state-of-the-art facilities in UAE and KSA by master technicians to ensure only the best quality. 

And in case you don’t own a coffee grinder or just want a hasslefree coffee brewing experience, we also offer the beans in grounds form. Our grind size options cover all the popular brewing techniques, be it V60 Pour Over, espresso, French Press and more.


Coffee Facts:
  • Coffee Type: 100% Arabica.
  • Location: Chikmagalur, India.
  • Varietal: SL 795 and Chandragiri.
  • Altitude: 1200-1400 metres.
  • Process: Washed.
  • Roast Level: Medium.
  • Cup Profile:
    • Acidity – Bright.
    • Aroma – Floral and sweet caramel.
    • Taste: Creamy body with notes of honey and roasted almond.
    • Mouthfeel – Creamy.
  • Recommended brewing technique: French Press, Aeropress, V60 Pour Over, Mokapot and Chemex.


How to brew this coffee using French Press:
  • Place the French press on a dry, flat surface. Grip the handle, then pull out the plunger.
  • Add a heaping tablespoon (7-8 grams) of coffee to the pot per 200mL of water.
  • Pour hot water into the pot and gently stir.
  • Carefully reinsert the plunger into the pot, stopping just above the water and ground coffee (do not plunge yet), and let stand for 3-4 minutes 
  • Press the plunger down slowly, exerting steady pressure.
  • Pour the coffee in your cup through the filter and enjoy your earthy, aromatic coffee.

In case you are in search of French Press to brew this coffee with, check out our amazing range, here.


Kava Noir sources green beans only from the best coffee growing regions in the world for its single origin Arabica and exquisite blends range. Perfect for experience loving Millennials and Gen Z and also the classic coffee lovers. So, explore the plethora of options here to enjoy a very fulfilling coffee experience.


Kava Noir

Kava Noir was formed when the Specialty Coffee phenomenon was still in its infancy, with the 4th Wave of Coffee developing into the ‘Science of Coffee’. In 2011, two professional engineers and coffee enthusiasts founded one of the very first Specialty Coffee roasters in UAE. They wanted to share their passion for a perfect cup of coffee with the people in the region. It’s vision was to be authentic, friendly, socially and environmentally responsible. It reflects in each and every aspect of the brand, such as the packing, product range and quality. Over the years, Kava Noir has established itself as one of the most renowned players for the regional range of coffees. It buys the choicest of green beans from a large variety of farms across the world. Also, they use only ethically sourced and traded beans for their customers. In 2019, Bevarabia group acquired Kava Noir. This step enabled it to take a great leap in its vision. It has extended its reach internationally in executing the best coffee experience for all coffee lovers. It successfully delivers an exceptional customer experience, be it for the new experience loving Millennials and Gen Z or the Classic coffee lovers.

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Kava Noir

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Coffee Whole Beans/Ground

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100% Arabica, Specialty Coffee






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