Alessi Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

Alessi Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

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  • Espresso Coffee maker.
  • Designer: David Chipperfield.
  • Interpretation of a timeless icon of the Italian culture
  • Made of aluminum casting with an ergonomic handle and knob.
  • For those who don’t want to compromise on the unmistakable taste of coffee.
  • Suitable for Gas and Electric Cooktops.
  • Easy to use and clean, hand wash only.
  • Available Capacity: 1 cup (70mL), 3 cups (150mL), 6 cups (300mL).
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Alessi Moka Espresso Maker:

The Moka espresso maker by Alessi, designed by David Chipperfield, is a reinterpretation of a classic recognized by all coffee lovers. Eleven sided design of the espresso maker is simultaneously familiar and innovative–the designer has added details to the product that make the everyday object and icon of the Italian culture even more practical.

In Italian coffee shops, espresso is served in a warm cup to prevent it from cooling too quickly. The flat lid of the Moka espresso maker allows you to place the cup on top to warm it up. The knob helps you easily lift the lid and pour the coffee using only one hand. Because of its practicality, the Moka espresso maker helps make your busy mornings easier and adds an authentic Italian feel to your dinner parties.


Care and Use:

This Espresso Maker doesn’t work on induction stovetops. Before use, wash it out carefully with water and liquid dish soap. Make and discard several batches of coffee, using the grounds to eliminate any metallic taste.

Don’t use very finely ground coffee as the boiling water will flow through quickly and as a result won’t extract all the flavor. Also, never wash the maker with soap; this may alter the flavor of subsequent coffees.

After use, dry the coffee maker and place it, disassembled, in a dry and well-ventilated place. Don’t forget to periodically clean the inside of the column with a brush. Further, carefully rinse the filter funnel, filter plate, rubber gasket, and seat under running water. 


Available Capacity: 1 cup (70mL), 3 cups (150mL), 6 cups (300mL).

Bevarabia passionately associates with Alessi, as they manufacture everyday items from an iconic, whistling teakettle to a designer flyswatter in collaboration with famous designers.

PS: Read the user manual included in the box before using the product for the first time.



Real design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against conventional thinking! Bevarabia passionately associates with Alessi that produces everyday items from plastic and metal in collaboration with famous designers. Their vast product line includes everything from an iconic, whistling teakettle to a designer flyswatter. The Alessi company, founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi, has long been at the forefront of innovative and inspired product design. In this time, the company has gradually evolved to become one of the leading “Factories of Italian design”. Alessi is not traditional production company but a combination of industrial research laboratory and applied arts. Open to change and international development, they have a strong bond with the traditions and cultural background of its area. The company has created a dynasty out of not only offering products geared towards the mainstream, serving trays and everyday cutlery among them. And they also produce some of the most celebrated cult objects of our time.

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Product Type

Coffee Maker

Accessories Type

Espresso Maker


1 cup, 3 cups, 6 cups


Body, funnel and filter plate: Aluminium casting, Handle and Knob: PA Polyamide Nylon






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