• د.إ 55

    Puerto Rico (250g Tin)

    د.إ 55

    Directly from the mountainous chain of the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, the famous Papal Coffee. The cooperative encloses a large number of small plantations that cultivate in shade this accented coffee and flavors of cream, malt, dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. The precious aftertaste gives some spicy notes.

  • د.إ 45

    Peru (250g Tin)

    د.إ 45

    Intense mouthfeel – the low acidity is evocative of dark cocoa with hints of malt and caramel – the persistent aftertaste gives underlying notes of walnut enriched by fragrances of roasted chestnut. 100% Arabica.

  • د.إ 50

    Brasile (250g Tin)

    د.إ 50

    Good body. Its medium acidity highlights orange peel notes, caramelized and candied with a hint of black tea.

    The lingering aftertaste its enriched of a juicy vein of marzipan that fades in an explosive perception of fine dark cocoa. 100% Arabica

  • د.إ 50

    Kenya (250g Tin)

    د.إ 50

    Medium body – Elevated citric acidity with precise notes of ripe lemon  enriched with a clear hint of rose – the lingering aftertaste highlights pronounced aromas of honey and citrus fruits, spices and cedar. 100% Arabica.