• د.إ 75

    Filter Coffee (1 kg)

    د.إ 75

    Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 7 cm packet

    Filter Coffee , Arditi , an extremely and carefully balanced fusion of the best selections of arabica coffee. Through the balance between taste and feeling , you get the unique needs of Filter Coffee . A drink with body low and light roast, from floral and fruity flavor profile with hints of toasted bread.

  • د.إ 40

    Firenze Decaffeinated (250g Tin)

    د.إ 40

    Firenze Decaffeinated , Arditi , once reached the characteristics of an espresso and its unique aroma , the result is of an intense decaffeinated coffee, from the dense body with notes of cocoa and roasted beans. primary characteristic the caffeine content , not more than 0.10 % , in line with the D.M. of 20.05.1976 regarding the regulation of the production and trade of coffee decaf.