• 95.00AED

    Coffee in Black (1 kg)


    Coffee in black, Golden Brasil Coffee, a perfect  match  of ingredients from the most prestigious coffee  producing countries. A comprehensive search for the real Italian espresso, intense and full-body. Coffee in black, Golden Brasil Coffee, this blend offers a wide range of aromas and taste, offering a solution to the most demanding coffee connoisseur.

  • 85.00AED

    Coffee in Brown (1kg)


    Coffee in brown, Golden Brasil Coffee, a careful balanced fusion of the best arabica coffee selections, for the unique needs of an authentic Italian espresso. Through the balance between taste and sensation, Coffee in brown Golden Brasil Coffee, manages to reach the goal: to materialise creaminess and flavour.

  • 75.00AED

    Coffee in Red (1 kg)


    Coffee in red, Golden Brasil Coffee, the best qualities of Arabica from the highlands of Central America are carefully selected and perfectly roasted. Coffee in red was born offering a rich and creamy blend that manages to combine exemplary quality and a strong taste.

  • 120.00AED

    Decaffeinato (1 kg)


    Coffee in blue , Golden Brasil Coffee , harmony fullness , flavor and taste … .The mix is made for one of the most complex blends. Reaching the espresso unique features and its unique aroma , from a principle of a pure healthy taste concept , you get to the selected solution of Golden decaffeinated ( caffeine content of not more than 0.10 % , in line with the law concerning the regulation of the production and trade of decaffeinated coffee , DM 05/20/1976 )

  • 110.00AED

    Espresso Arabica (1 kg)


    Espresso Arabica , Arditi , an intense mix of the best ingredients from the most famous coffee countries; well known for the production of coffee. A comprehensive search to create the real Italian espresso, a drink high intensity and body, from medium – light roast and roasted aromas. The flavor profile floral and fruity with low acidity, surprisingly sweet with a bitter aftertaste.