• Milk Cooler K 180

    • Classic Milk Cooler to keep milk cold and fresh
    • Direct cooling system with fan to achieve 12-15 °C below ambient temperature
    • Compact size with 6L inner capacity
    • Comes with fixed point thermostat to avoid milk from freezing.

  • Kalerm

    DIY rotary button and 6 touch buttons in the big screen; 6 different drinks including Espresso, Long coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot water, Hot milk/cream with One Touch, no need to move cup. Patented brew unit system with auto-clean function;
    Two spouts milk frother unit and detachable, convenient for making two cups of Cappuccino or Latte, and washing easily; Intelligent PCBA control system and touch control panel with fault warning and information reminding indications;
    Dual heating system includes a separate element to generate steam for quickly making Cappuccino or Latte;
    1000g large capacity coffee bean tank