The X50 Lifestyle is a brand with the goal of providing consumers with a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks, founded under the Tribeca Health umbrella. It is an Australian nutritional group based out of Burleigh heads on the Gold Coast. Formed in 2009, it offers a fresh range of healthy lifestyle products in an otherwise stale market.

The Green Tea X50 range is one such result of their passion and dedication. It not only provides consumers with a clean energy hit, but it's also beneficial for boosting metabolism, supporting gut health and improving skin radiance. As a result, this revolutionary product has reshaped the perception of people's beliefs regarding green tea. The company continues to grow, researching, enhancing and developing products that allow consumers to achieve their health and fitness goals. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as dedicated as X50, committed towards delivering the best of quality and health.

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