Established in Finland in 2006, Veen is a premium beverage brand which offers pure bottled water and much more. The company uses two spring sources for its water, from Finland for its premium spring water range and Bhutan for mineral water ranges. The spring water from Finland, with low mineral content, is a favourite amongst celebrated chefs and restaurateurs. On the other hand, mineral water from Bhutan is alkaline by nature and rich in minerals, making it perfect for everyday hydration and replenishment. Further, the company bottles the water at source in 100% recyclable extra flint crystal clear glass packaging.

The company also offers functional wellness water and juices with natural plant, fruit & botanical infusions inspired by Ayurveda; a quick, on-the-go source of health and goodness. Available in 16 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia at present, the brand continues to grow. Beverabia passionately affiliates with Veen, born out of desire and passion to offer the purest waters available on the planet.

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