VBM Espresso, founded by Carlo Ernesto Valente in 1976 in Italy, manufactures professional espresso coffee machines, appreciated by cafes and baristas world over. Not all companies can boast forty years of research and achievements in the espresso machine industry. Today it offers a diverse range of machines to meet the requirements of any barista. Whether the preference is to manage heavy workload or high-technology machine for custom preparations, these machines always deliver.

Inspired by Italian coffee making culture, its machines boast sleek aesthetics and technology. Further, the design and quality of its products is the pride of the company. Besides professional machines, it also offers Domobar series; compact single group machines perfect for use at home. These machines provide the same quality of espresso and cappuccino as the professional ones. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as dedicated as VBM towards quality, technology and innovation.

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