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    I Feel Program Pack


    ?I feel pure? formula
    Produced by time consuming and gentle process white tea allows retaining all healthy ingredients abundantly bestowed upon tea leaves by Nature.
    This uncommon combination of premium white tea and flowers will bring you long lasting sense of purity, lightness and confidence in yourself.
    Ingredients: Pai Mu Dan, Blue Tea, Rose petals

    ?I feel fit? formula
    Achieving a healthy, clean and fit body became easier now with this formula. If you are not healthy from inside, you cannot look and feel healthy no matter how much time you spend in a fitness club.
    Ingredients: Tea Chai, Sheng Pu Erh Loose, Iranian Jasmine Petals, Ginseng
    ?I feel calm? formula
    This caffeine free tea takes away anxiety and stress; brings you peace of mind, complete relaxation and bliss. It slows the activity of the nervous system and therefore improves sleep quality and brings about emotional balance. Ideal as a night time tea.
    Content: Night Tea, Lavender

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  • Tea Land
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    Promise Box with Mini Glass Teapot


    Are you looking for an excellent gift for a tea lover? Make that person happy by giving this limited edition promise box with mini glass teapot.

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