Rubicon started in 1981 with a single brand called Passionade by Naresh Nagrecha and Vish Vikera who had worked together at Unilever in West Africa. It has emerged over three decades of dedication to become a market leader in exotic juice drinks. The brand now offers a delicious range of still classics, 100% juice (No sugar added) and sparkling drinks for its legions of exotic juice fans. It aims to win the hearts of everyone by creating unique products using the finest ingredients.

Rubicon believes you shouldn’t settle for the uninspired. And also that the world is an amazing place, full of life and colour for all of us to discover. Rubicon provides big, bold, authentic flavours that you don’t find in your everyday fruit bowl. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a brand as dedicated as Rubicon towards taste, health and quality.

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