About Orchestrale:

In 2006 arose Orchestrale; result of a project thought by a group of people who wished to unite their know-how and experiences. They belonged to different fields such as espresso machine manufacturing, restaurant industry and furniture design.

This meeting produced D.I.D. Srl, a company that sets its target on the production of high-quality design and above all Made in Italy instruments for the HoReCa businesses. This resulted in paying absolute and special attention to the professional espresso coffee machines. This is because the company believes that coffee is a worldwide experience and a socio-cultural symbol, rather than a consumer product.

Therefore thanks to the experience in design and in espresso-coffee machine manufacture of its promoters, D.I.D. has produced its first collection of instruments: Orchestrale Instruments for Espresso. The historical and indivisible bond between the great cultures of coffee and music in the Italian tradition inspire these machines.

The Company makes the machines in Italy including the technology, components such as the E61 groups and the frame. The Company focuses on beauty, quality, innovation and high quality contents to stay ahead in the industry. Customer satisfaction is prioritized in order to maintain the value of the “made in Italy” craftsmanship, technology and design.

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