Mighty Mug

Bevarabia recommends Mighty Mug developed by a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers. It is the world's only Mug that grips to your desk when knocked into but lifts naturally. Featured in over 100 publications and television shows worldwide, this mug and its patented Smartgrip Technology is sure to excite and amaze your friends and family. SmartGrip Technology is what allows it to withstand accidental bumps by gripping down to any smooth, flat surface when knocked into. And what's better is when you're ready for a sip, it lifts right up! Whether you are looking for a vacuum insulated mug to keep your beverage warm on the go, an ice tumbler for those hot summer days, or a travel mug to fit a single-serve coffee machine, there is a Mighty Mug tailored to your needs.

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