Mahlkonig is a leading brand for high quality professional grinders all over the world. Its coffee grinders guarantees highest coffee quality possible, ever since it began in 1924. These grinders ensure even extraction of the coffee aroma to provide truly unique tastes experiences. Manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, it combines German workmanship and technology to lead in innovation and as a result shape the trends of tomorrow. 

The company aims to provide grinding discs suitable for every need, be it filter fine, espresso or even Turkish-fine grinding. Plus, the material used for grinder burr ranges from cast steel, tungsten carbide to ceramic. Mainly used by coffee roasters, manufacturers of fully automatic coffee machines, and a large group of individual customers. It continues to focus on innovation and grinding performance to further strengthen its position in the market. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with a premium and revered grinder brand as Mahlkonig.

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