Founded in 2012, Koita is a Food & Beverage Distribution Company headquartered in Dubai. Its organic milk range, made from 100% Italian Milk by the happiest grass-fed cows, comes with all the goodness and no nasties. Enriched with Vitamin A & D3, it also contains no antibiotics, hormones or preservatives. Sold in over 11 countries across the Middle East, it's the leading and most recognized organic milk brand in the region. The growing range of products now also includes Lactose Free & Plant Based Milk.

In order to bring the milk from Italy, the company deploys very efficient operations and transportation system. And it delivers the milk with the low environmental impact by using convenient environment friendly Tetra-Pak for packaging. It also follows strict organic certification regulations applicable in the Middle East, Asia & Africa. Further, as a family owned, community-based company, it shares a portion of profits to local nonprofit organizations and charities. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with Koita, a brand trusted and recognized for its organic milk in the Middle East.

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