Harrogate Spring Water

Harrogate town in United Kingdom is a wonder of the natural world, boasting 88 mineral springs, all hydro-geologically matchless. Harrogate Spring Water, based in this original spa town, draws on over 400 years of history to produce one of the finest spring waters in the world. It is also one of the UK’s largest independent, family-owned producers of naturally sourced bottled water. Synonymous with style and elegance, Harrogate combines its award-winning diamond bottle with a perfectly balanced mineral content and clean taste water.

It has received international recognition by winning multiple awards and voted ‘The World’s Finest Sparkling Water’. Also found at the most prestigious events and venues. The official bottled water of Royal Ascot, one of the most celebrated international sporting occasions. You can find it in Michelin-starred restaurants and also onboard the world’s most reputable airlines. Bevarabia passionately associates with Harrogate Water and its vision to deliver the best of quality, taste and design.

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