Gastroback is a German company.  It makes professional level machines that are suitable for homes. It is a modern premium brand with a focus on design. Gastroback products are made of high-quality materials, with professional function, quality and safety. Gastroback brings innovation in professional catering to individual homes. As a result, it makes the kitchen job easier and achieve top results. As a premium brand, Gastroback aims to set trends.

Gastroback is leading in innovation in the field of coffee. It launched the first portafilter with function of a fully automatic coffee machine. As a result, not only the home barista, but every member of the household can obtain a perfect espresso. Hence, everyone can enjoy specialty coffee according to their own taste.

Moreover Gastroback is setting trend in the area of “healthy living”. For instance, its smoothie makers and juicers set an example for the entire product range. For example, its juicer led the innovation of feeding the whole apples in juicers.

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