Emirati Coffee

Emirati Coffee Co. is a speciality coffee roaster based in UAE with emphasizes on exceptional high quality coffee, excellent added services to clients and speciality coffee education. Further, the company believes in forging genuine connections with suppliers, customers and the community. The pursuit of mastering the creation of the perfect cup and sharing the knowledge is the key focus. Overall, the mission is to make speciality coffee accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for everyone.

The company sources coffee beans directly from the farmers. They focus on cultivating a relationship with farmers that adds value, compassion, and integrity. In order to invest in the future of these farms, they purchase the beans at higher prices than fair trade. Sustainability is at the heart of what the company does, and industry education is the future of sustainability. Further, Emirati Coffee aims to connect farmers with roasters and baristas and bridge the gap between the start and end of the coffee chain.

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