Dreamfarm is a design company, founded in 2003 in Australia, which offers innovative kitchen tools and gadgets. It believes in designing new and incredibly useful products which solve a purpose. Every millimetre of their utensils, gadgets and tools exists for good reason. It all started when the company's founder, Alexander Gransbury, introduced Grindenstein, a coffee grind knockbox, to the market. Frustrated with no simple way to dispose of the used coffee grinds from his home espresso machine, he designed this product from scratch. It soon became a success nationally as well as internationally.

Buoyed by this, the company began experimenting with several kitchenware accessories. As a result, its range now includes products such as cup holders, infusers, and much more. It has even received multiple Reddot Design Awards and several others for the innovative designs that it keeps churning up regularly. We at Beverabia, passionately affiliate with Dreamfarm and its mission to offer incredibly accessible kitchenware.

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