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    Coffee Tamper with Wooden Handle


    Size 58mm

    Suitable for all Baristas

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    Espresso Shot Glass


    EASILY MEASURE ! ! Easily measure and transport smaller amounts without them spilling; steadier than using measuring spoons; perfect for kitchen, bar and cafe.

    STURDY AND DURABLE! ! Made of heavyweight glass; allows clear view of contents for more control and accuracy; weighted base helps reduce tipping for less mess.

    EASY TO READ ! ! Large markings are easy to read.

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    V 60 Filter (40 pcs)


    Bleached paper is white, denser, makes steeping rather slowly, with a thicker flavor.

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    Espresso Machine Water Softener 8L


    This is an economical method of softening the water.
    You only need to add 1kg salt once a month – which is cheaper that using brita water filters.
    Recharging is a snap and is done with rock salt found at any hardware, plumbing or even grocery and drug stores.

    Ideal for:
    Washing machines – where lime stains the glass.
    Coffee machines –
    Steam ovens – prevents valves from getting blocked
    Vending machines –
    These water softeners reduce the calcium or magnesium ion concentration in hard water.

    The LT model is equipped with two ball taps made of brass, one placed in correspondence with the incoming water supply, the other in correspondence with the outgoing water.

    Whether you area has hard water or not, it is a good idea to purchase and install a water softener to prevent calcium and lime deposits from accumulating in your espresso machine.

    Material STAINLESS STEEL cylinder capacity 8 L
    Size connection 3/8″
    Dimensions: height 400 mm – ø 185 mm

    1 x Complete water softener – Resin content 5.8 L
    1 x Instruction manual
    2 x Clear drain pipe

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