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Bevarabia passionately affiliates with Barista Space, the Hong Kong based Coffee Tools & Accessory Brand. Ak Ou and Mike Simonou, the founders, have been passionate about product design and love coffee art for a long time. The team highly appreciates and respects the profession of Baristas and focuses on creating products that support Barista’s Job. Each Barista Space product aims to provide freedom of experimentation, power, and happiness with its tools. 

It offers the best Coffee Tools and Accessories at best prices for baristas and coffee shops around the world! A steaming cup of coffee is a constant for every morning. So the better the coffee tastes, the wider it opens your eyes. The right coffee making tools can make all the difference in the flavor profiles and also to the aroma of your coffee. Recommended and showcased by various champions in many competitions around the world.

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