Barebells is a functional food company which believes in happy eating and happy living. Launched in 2016 in Sweden, it offers a broad range of protein-enriched alternatives to snacks and desserts without compromising in taste or flavor. Just a perfect way to satisfy one’s cravings absolutely guilt free. And as a result, suitable for exercise and fitness enthusiasts or for anyone looking for a tasty treat. Plus, both the flavor and design are influenced by the American fifties.

Its milkshakes are absolutely mouth watering and contain 24 grams of protein per serving. Also, they are free from lactose with no added sugars. Further, the company prioritizes the sustainability of its operations. It constantly works on reducing the effect on the climate by overseeing everything from product packaging, transports, business travels, production, storage, offices, to the waste from packaging. Bevarabia highly recommends Barebells for its high-performance and delicious range of products.

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