Barbera Coffee is the oldest Italian coffee roasting company with a history of over 150 years. It all started when Domenico Barbera, the founder, opened a cafe and served freshly roasted coffee daily with passion and dedication. The company continues to be a family-owned entity since the formation to ensure the continuity of tradition. It sources coffee beans directly from producers, slowly roasts and artfully blends in its own facilities.

It offers a wide variety of coffee bean blends, grounds and capsules, coffee machines and accessories for home and away. And also boast a premium coffee shop chain called '​'Cafe'​ Barbera - The Italian coffee house'​'​. The company now distributes its products in over 60 countries and continues to grow. Bevarabia passionately affiliates with Barbera Coffee; experience sensational stimulation of the senses through its rich aroma and invigorating delicious flavor in every cup.

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