Bevarabia associates with Aerolatte with great enthusiasm and shared interest in delivering the best. Created with a passion for great coffee and frothy milk drinks, the Aerolatte “the original steam-free milk frother” is a huge success. And a firm favorite among top chefs, keen foodies and coffee lovers alike. In essence, they have truly changed the way we enjoy a cappuccino, caffé latte, milkshakes, and hot chocolates at home.

With their success, the founders Alan and Gary have further improved the world of home coffee. They have introduced innovative takes on French presses, espresso pots, the Aerolatte frother, and coffee accessories to the market. These products are contemporary designs of traditional items and aim to improve, solve, and make for a more enjoyable coffee experience at home. There are fancy coffee machines and now there is the Aerolatte milk frother. The results are impressive, not to mention delicious.

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